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The collection of beads contained in this volume fall under three categories: Ancient, Ethnographic and Early 20th Century.

The African beads shown in this volume were found in Mali and it’s surrounding countries. Please note that the ancient stone and glass beads in this volume could possibly have been produced in India, as similar beads have been found throughout central Asia.

The beads in this volume are made in Europe, produced for either European or the African trade. Most of these glass beads were found in Africa although original production would most probably have been in Venice, Bohemia, Germany or the Netherlands. Some of these beads were found stored in warehouses, still packed and labelled, ready for transport without ever having the chance to reach their destination.

There are many ways of collecting and displaying beads. The real purpose of beads, of course, has always been personal adornment. The objective of showcasing them is to give them a second life. All of the beads shown are wearable, and although there is real beauty in individual beads, the true visual drama is never more prevalent than with a large bunch.